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Food from the Bar logoFood from the Bar is a grass-roots campaign started by lawyers to fight hunger among children in our communities. It consists of a month-long friendly competition in the spring among law firms and legal offices in which participants contribute money, donate food, and/or volunteer time sorting and packing food at the local food banks in their communities. The campaign can be held at any time that suits the needs of the local community. NCWBA has been a leading supporter of Food from the Bar. Food from the Bar programs are already running in many communities (including the District of Columbia and cities in Alabama, California, Kansas, Louisiana, Maine, Missouri, New Hampshire and Texas) and are expanding to more communities every year. The Food from the Bar program replenishes food bank supplies to meet the increased need for food during the summer months. When schools close for the summer, thousands of children are not able to access school breakfast and lunch programs, a critical source of nutrition.  For more information about what you can do to help, click on the links below.

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For more information about setting up or joining a Food from the Bar campaign in your community, contact Kathleen M. McDowell,, 213-683-9134.

Food From the Bar Volunteers

Capital Area Food From the Bar Volunteers 2015

Women lawyers Association of Los Angeles

Women Lawyers Association of Los Angeles
Food from the Bar

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New Hampshire Women's Bar Association 2012

New Hampshire Women’s Bar Association
Fourth Food from the Bar Campaign – 2012