About Board Service

Officers and directors are elected at each annual meeting in August.  Officers serve a one-year term.  Board terms are two years and may be renewed for up to four consecutive two-year terms.  Time served as an officer does not count against the number of years one may consecutively serve as a board member. After four consecutive board terms, an individual is ineligible for election until a full year has elapsed.

Each member organization is encouraged to nominate someone to the board.  Click the link below for a nomination form:

Nomination for Director

A nominating committee reviews the openings and nominations and prepares a slate, keeping in mind NCWBA’s  goals of diversity in geography, size of member organizations, ethnicity and life experience.

Board members are expected to attend three in-person board meetings a year and to participate actively in committee work.  Committees typically meet by telephone.  Two of the in-person board meetings are held in conjunction with the ABA Annual and Midyear Meetings.  For a list of upcoming ABA Annual and Midyear Meeting locations, click here.


2013-2014 Vice Presidents Amanda Green Alexander (Jackson, MS) and Katherine Brown (Dover, NH) take the oath of office.

2015-2016 President-Elect Amanda Green Alexander (Jackson, MS) and President Katherine Brown (Dover, NH)