The National Conference of Women’s Bar Associations offers you a variety of ways to show your support for women in the law! The NCWBA represents women’s bar groups from across the United States and Canada, providing more than 35,000 attorneys and judges leadership support and connections, and a forum for exchanging ideas and best practices through our in-person events, webinars, e-newsletter and social media.  We are a IRS § 501(c)(6) nonprofit affiliate of the American Bar Association.  Click here for a link to more information about us and our member associations.  We rely on sponsorship funds to achieve our mission and fulfill our goals. 

Why support the NCWBA?

Sponsorship is a great way to demonstrate your commitment to the advancement of women, diversity, and equality in the legal profession.  We support our member associations and organizations in their advancement of women in the legal profession, through in-person networking events, membership webinars (including our #OwningtheChangeReaction Discussion Series), our listserv, electronic newsletter, website and social media, programming ideas, and our annual Leadership Summit. 

Please consider supporting the NCWBA in 2020, as we celebrate a century of women’s suffrage in the United States. We also will be holding GOOD Guys programs around the nation throughout 2020.  Click this link for additional information on GOOD Guys.

For more information contact Shiloh Theberge, (207) 228-7188, Vice President of Fundraising and Strategic Partnering or Executive Director Christina Simpson.