Mission, Vision and Objectives

Mission:  The NCWBA advocates for the equality of women in the legal profession and in society by mobilizing and uniting women’s bar associations to effect change in gender-based processes and laws.

Vision:  The NCWBA envisions assisting in the creation of a society that practices equality for women in role, position, impact, education, and financial power by taking the strong, reasoned, and determined voice of the NCWBA into society’s discourse about law and women’s role in business, academia, politics, and society.

Objectives:   The objectives of the NCWBA are:

To inspire, educate and provide resources to women’s bar organizations, including best practices, and to engage its members in the work of the organization;

To expand concrete methods by which legal practices can increase the diversity and representation of women lawyers at all levels in the practice of law; and

To accomplish visible progress measurable over time, including increases in the number of women lawyers in federal and state judiciaries, academia, law firms, corporate and nonprofit executive offices, and government and political leadership.