Benefits of Membership

Anyone who is a women’s bar leader is already convinced of the value of a women’s bar association, so sometimes it is hard to understand why someone wouldn’t want to be a member. But you really do need to be able to answer the question “why join?” with a list.  One member’s great benefit may be another’s “so what?”

It’s important, at least annually, to review the benefits of membership.  Ask your friends for their ideas.  Think of lawyers in every area of practice.  What about unemployed lawyers or lawyers at home?  How about very well established lawyers?  What about members of the judiciary?  What are the benefits of membership for each of them?  Reviewing member benefits will also give you on an opportunity to note gaps in your services or unmet needs of your members.  Here are links to articles to help think about membership benefits in broader terms:

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Membership–What Your Members Need Now

Engaging Older Members

Once you’ve identified every possible member benefit, categorize them, illustrate them with specific examples and write them up in a way that is accessible to potential members, your membership outreach committee,  and your board.

Women Lawyers Association of Los Angeles

Women Lawyers of Sacramento

Colorado Women’s Bar Association

Georgia Association of Black Women Attorneys

Iowa Organization of Women Attorneys

Kansas Women Attorneys Association

Association for Women Attorneys – New Orleans

Minnesota Women Lawyers

New Hampshire Women’s Bar Association

North Carolina Association of Women Attorneys

Rhode Island Women’s Bar Association

Texas Women Lawyers

Association for Women Lawyers (Wisconsin)

Women Lawyers Association of Michigan

How about doing a brief video to make the listing of membership benefits more dynamic? Here’s an example from Florida Association for Women Lawyers.