Every board member should read the organization’s bylaws at least once a year in order to ensure that each board member has a clear understanding of the organization’s stated goals and structure.  On a regular basis, but at least every two years, the bylaws should be thoroughly reviewed to determine if revisions need to be made because of relevant statutory changes or because the needs of the organization have moved in a new direction.  Even if nothing needs to be changed, the process of review will provide increased confidence in the organization’s essential governing documents. Here’s a handy checklist to use when thinking about bylaw revisions.

For inspiration, here are links to bylaws from various women’s bar associations:

Arizona Women Lawyers Association

Lawyers Club of San Diego

Colorado Women’s Bar Association

Women’s Bar Association of the District of Columbia

Florida Association for Women Lawyers

Georgia Association for Women Lawyers

Georgia Association of Black Women Lawyers

Women’s Bar Association of Illinois

Association for Women Attorneys (New Orleans)

Minnesota Women Lawyers

Mississippi Women Lawyers Association

Association for Women Lawyers of Greater Kansas City

New Jersey Women Lawyers Association

New York Women’s Bar Association

Women’s Bar Association of the State of New York

North Carolina Association of Women Attorneys

Ohio Women’s Bar Association

Rhode Island Women’s Bar Association

South Carolina Women Lawyers Association

Houston Association of Women Attorneys

Women Lawyers of Utah

Vermont Bar Association, Women’s Division

Virginia Women Attorneys Association