In Memoriam:  Nancy Dillman Peck

Nancy PeckNCWBA Past President (1990-1991) died on Sept. 2, 2010, after an extended battle with cancer. Nancy began her service on the NCWBA board in 1986, the year she concluded her presidency of the Greater Rochester Association for Women Attorneys. For four years (1993-1997) she represented the NCWBA on the American Bar Association House of Delegates. 

Her successor in that position, Marjorie O’Connell, commented,

Nancy’s work there gave me goals to achieve and a presence for NCWBA to maintain.  Nancy was a friend and colleague for a decade before I took her job in the House.  We shared experiences, good and bad, and many a laugh.  I am shocked at her passing.  And saddened to know how difficult her last days may have been.  [I hate that darned disease.]  Yet, just thinking of her made me smile a great big smile.  The world is a better place for Nancy’s time here, and the women lawyers in it are joyfully thankful for her efforts on our behalf.

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