MWL Announces Resources for Women Lawyers


A comprehensive database of resources related to women in the legal profession

Minnesota Women Lawyers is pleased to announce The MWL Compendium, an online database of local and national resources related to women in the legal profession. This project evolved from Minnesota Women Lawyer’s Strategic Plan and the strategic goal to “be a resource for baseline information and research on the current position of women in the profession as well as the state of the legal profession for women; use the information to advocate for positive change.” 

“MWL is pleased to offer this important resource to the legal community,” states 2012-2013 MWL President Dana Bartocci.  “The MWL Compendium serves as an invaluable tool for assessing the position of women attorneys in the legal profession, identifying trends and challenges, and ultimately working to advance their success.”

An ongoing and interactive resource, The MWL Compendium is divided into different areas to make research easy, including: (1) current articles that provide recent news and reveal current trends for women in the legal profession; and (2) research and resources broken down into several categories integral to women in the legal profession such as Barriers to Success, Compensation, Flexible Work Arrangements, Leadership & Professional Development, and Minnesota Research & Resources.  There is also a search tool that allows users to search records by keywords and sorts the resources by category, title, author, or type.

The MWL Compendium can be accessed from the MWL website,, under the Initiatives tab. 

New research and articles are added on a regular basis, creating an up-to-date and relevant resource of information.  MWL is also pleased to accept resources for review and possible inclusion in the MWL Compendium.  to contribute resource links, please submit a complete and current web address to MWL Executive Director Debra Pexa.  To contribute PDF documents, please contact Ms. Pexa for a copy of MWL’s PDF Authorization form, which must be submitted along with the PDF document. 

Minnesota Women Lawyers is an association of nearly 1,300 attorneys, judges, law students, legal employers and others who are dedicated to advancing the success of women attorneys and striving for a just society. 

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